UC News Refer and Earn Rs.8000 – Referral Code 10912017

I am sure you all must have heard about UC News Refer & Earn Program. Many of us have already earned 5000. Or may know someone who has earned 5000 from UC News App Refer & Earn Program. Well the same app has now come up with another Refer & Earn Program, where they have increased the Prize amount to 8000. And Believe me It’s not that too hard to Grab this Huge Prize.

UC News Refer and Earn Offer | Referral Code – 10912017

Well Many who are not aware may think whether it’s true or not, Don’t Worry friends as we have given the proof 🙂

UC News Refer and Earn Trick Referral code 10912017

I know You are also excited after seeing the the given prize!! So Let’s see How You can also Earn.

How To Earn 8000 From UC News Refer and Earn Offer ?

  1. Download the UC NEWS APP.
  2. After Installation, open the UC News App and Go to Me & then click on Rs 8000 CricFund.
  3. Click on Help My Friend and enter name and Refer code: 10912017
    (Comment Your Referral code below for promotion).
  4. Now You’ll win up to Rs.3500 by entering our referral code
    (Now you are Eligible to refer you friends and earn Rs.8000)
  5. Now Share your referral code with your friends.
  6. Once your reach Rs.8000 completely, Click on Redeem and Give your details.
  7. Claim your Prize before 2 April 2017.